Thursday, October 10, 2013

Deseret News Utah Home Show 2013

Did you see us at the Deseret News Home Show!. At the Forever Landscapes booth Well If you did then you know that if you book your Complementary Consultation by November 28th 2013 then you can receive an
 Instant Visual Drawing of your yard for free.
(That is worth 100.00.)
Please visit my post about Instant Visual Drawings. This post will help you understand the benefits that come with being able to have a visual drawing during your planning process of your landscape.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Are you Visual?

When helping clients, I come across many who have a hard time visualizing what things will look like. During my complementary consultations I walk through your yard and you point out existing problems or changes that you want in your existing landscape or brand new landscape. I take note of all the things that you want in your landscape. I always tell my clients that they are the ones with the great ideas, I just tweak and add design concepts that work. 
After your consultation what happens next? Well I take the ideas we talked about and I put them down on paper. I draw up some concept ideas that we can tweak until we come to an understanding and design that you like.
                           Concept Plans
Planting Plan 

 Do you still have a hard time visualizing what plant material we chose and how big will your plants get? Well if you are not a visual person I have a great tool that will help you get excited about your landscape and what it will look like when your plants mature. In your consultation I will take a photo of your home. Next I will add plant material, hardscapes, lighting, garden d├ęcor to your photo to give you and instant image of what your landscape will look like! No more wondering what it will look like. I can give you an Instant visual before we even draw up a plan!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day Going Green

This year for Mother' Day (May 9th ). Go green and hire a Garden Coach. Coaching is not just for sports. A garden coach can help you reach your yard and gardens full potential. I am not just your landscaper that says you should do this and that and it cost this much. I want to show you how to make improvements and maintain your landscape and show you how to put your yard into shape. In your coaching session we can cover; problem areas, plant ID, vegetable and fruit production, pest and disease, container gardening, choosing the right plant for the right place,pruning, ect. Let me help coach you in your gardening needs.

Mother's Day Garden Coaching Specials

Daffodil Crate 125.00
Bud vase with fresh cut flowers, sweet treat, and certificate for 2hr. coaching session.
Tulip Crate 150.00
Container herb or flower garden, sweet treat, and certificate for 2hr. coaching session.
Lily Crate 200.00
Hanging basket, sweet treat, and certificate for 2hr. coaching session.

All orders need to be placed by Wednesday May 5th. Deliveries will be delivered on Saturday May 8th.
To place your order or have questions please contact
Chandi Hurd
t. 801.674.814

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creating your Yard

Whether your garden is on several acres or in a window box, Let me help you discover natural ideas that you can incorporate into a favorite garden of your own. The choices are endless. You'll also be surprised at how many different types of plants that can be grown in your landscape. Let's create your outdoor living space to enjoy this season.
 Landscape design is an investment. To help you in your newly designed yard check out a This blog will help answer your questions on what you should be doing in your yard, and other fun ways to bring what is outside indoors.  
For a complementary consultation
Please Contact:
Chandi Hurd
Tel. 801.674.8149

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Landscape Design Pricing

Drawn not to Scale Design

  • 350.00 up to 1/3 acre front and back yard
  • 450.00 up to 1/2 acre front and back yard
  • For larger properties custom quote
  • Design drawn up (not to scale)
  • Front and back yard design color coded and named so you know what plant is what.
  • Concept plan (expresses the functions of different parts of the yard). This helps us in finalizing the design. We will do as many of these until we get it right.
  • Plant list is color coded and labeled so you can put the right plants in the right place.
  • Recommend plant sizes (It is good to know this information to help you save money when purchasing plants).
  • A Gardener's Steps Blog to help you with your new landscape.
Drawn to Scale Design

  • 550.00 up to 1/3 acre front and back
  • 650.00 up 1/2 acre front and back
  • For larger properties custom quote
  • Includes
  • 3 copies of design drawn to scale
  • Concept plan, and Planting plan
  • Plant list ( Botanical and common names)
  • Plant material estimate
  • Information on care of new landscape
  • Recommended plant sizes (It is good to know this information to help you save money when purchasing a plants).
  • Trip to your local nursery or Jordan Valley Conservation Gardens (This let's you see what plant material will be going into your landscape)
  • A Gardener's Steps Blog to help you in your new landscape.

Have an existing yard with areas that need help, or need your pots and containers planted. We can help with that also.

Contact Information
Chandi Hurd